I work and live in Portland, Maine. 

I communicate efficiently, live creatively, and I love marketing.


My talent is seeing the remarkable, the unique, the powerful talents of you, my client. My goal is to tell everyone else. 


My background is extensive.

I've worked in Maine as a Sales Director, and a business owner. I was fortunate to work with and teach micro-finance groups in Africa, and in New York City I managed digital advertising clients such as W Hotels and Illy Coffee.

In 2008 I received my Bachelor of Business Administration in Strategic Design & Management from Parsons School of Design, The New School.

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“Marketing is not about being slimy, sleazy or scary. It’s not about tricking people, it’s not about taking advantage of people, or trying to get people to buy things they don’t want or don’t need.

It’s not about preying on people’s insecurities or manipulating people in any kind of negative way.

Modern marketing when you do it right...it actually brings out the best of your humanity, not the worst. Modern marketing requires you to to be honest, compassionate, generous, encouraging and truly serve others from deep understanding and respect.

Honest marketing is done so well you don’t even recognize it as marketing…

This is the age of transparency.”
— MARIE FORLEO, named a Forbes 2017 Top Influencer in Business & Tech
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