Trust in Lemonade

A quick blurb about NPR’s Marketplace, because currently it catches my attention. Maybe because I hear a woman talk about business with such authority?

This morning’s piece was about that huge industry we rarely think about and when we do don’t really care to spend more than a very moments. Insurance. Insurance is not interesting. But Trust is interesting. And trust is what what an ‘industry disruptor’ trustfully called, Lemonade is offering their customers.

adrien-ledoux-karinanapier creative marketing portland maine.jpg

Yes, they’re a for profit model - obviously, in the insurance industry - but they claim to give ‘leftover’ money in ‘good years’ (ie big money making years) to charity. The recent haul was around $160k. That’s pretty good. Curious what they made in profits before donating…

But this blurb isn’t about cynicism. It’s about value propositions, and one of the better propositions that any company or individual who is selling anything to anyone can offer. Trust. Trust. Trust (I worked in media sales i.e advertising for about 7 years. I saw a lot of what distrust looks like and it’s way less cute than my sweet dog).

Figuring out how to build trust with your audience is another conversation altogether.