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Executive & Business Coach, Author

Dr. Ken Estridge & Associates, Massachusettes

- New website, logo, copy, and brand guidelines

- Defined messaging and voice for copywriting

- Monthly newsletter distribution

- Social media set up, strategy and guidelines

- Book, workshop and webinar promotion



Team Building & Interactive Drumming

Drum Cafe with Jdate, New York

- Partnership strategy

- Media kit creation

- Event planning

- Messaging



Solar Power Plant

247Solar, Virginia

- Social Media Strategy

- Analytics


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Industrial Designers & Architects

ARCADIA designworks, Maine

- Search Engine Optimization for unpaid search results

- Asset creation and management

- Target market identification

- Mission and elevator pitch

- Newsletter distribution

- Copy writing



Maine Sea Kayaking Outfitter

Portland Paddle, Maine

- Marketing strategy + planning

- Digital advertising campaigns

- Search Engine Optimization for unpaid search results



Travel Guide Agency

Bhutan Cruise Travels, Bhutan

- Values and Mission

- SWOT Analysis

- Messaging